Does your dog love you?

Linn Cecilia Svensson

Linn Radsted

Does your dog love you?

Do you speak the same dog language as your dog? As a dog owner, one rarely doubts that the dog loves us. But dogs can't talk or hug, so how do you know if your dog really loves you? 

The dog language which the dogs communicate with is called calming signals, and they use it to calm down and show us and other dogs, that they are friendly. And they also use it, when they want to show us that, they love us.


8 signs that your dog loves you:

  • When your dog looks you deep in the eye, it's their way of hugging you.
  • When your dog leans on you, it's a sign of love (unless it's in an uncomfortable situation)
  • When your dog lies up against you and turns its back on you, it's a sign that he loves you, since it turns the "dangerous" (the mouth) away from you.
  • When your dog turns his butt towards you during cuddle-time, it's a friendly signal in response to your caregiving.
  • When your dog yawns right after you yawn, it may be a sign that the dog is closely related to you. Dog’s mimic human behavior, and it is often seen that when the people they are attached yawn, so does the dog.
  • When your dog raises his left eyebrow when he sees you, it’s also a sign of love. A Japanese study has shown that the dog raises his left eyebrow, when he likes you.
  • When your dog stretches to greet you, he loves you.
  • If your dog wags more to the right side with his tail, he’s crazy about you. If your dog is wagging more to the left, you're not that hot a couple.

So the next time you think your dog is doing something strange, remember that he just speaks a different language than you.