5 tips if your dog begs

Linn Cecilia Svensson

Linn Radsted

5 tips if your dog begs

 You probably know it all too well. You have good intentions to NEVER let your dog beg at the table… 

Then a tiny bit of food slips down over time. A slice of cheese, or a little meatball. Harmless at first you think - but quickly you have a constant companion sitting at your feet and staring longingly at the family during dinner.

Even if your dog has not begged before, she will learn very quickly that, by sticking to it, she can get an extra snack at the table.

And what seems completely innocent and harmless will unfortunately develop into a nasty habit.

What can you do if your dog has already developed a habit of begging? 

  • All feeding both from and around the table must be stopped, without exception. Your dog does not distinguish between who is feeding him or what food he is given.
  • Make sure your dog is busy doing something else before you sit down for a meal. Maybe even give her treats on the lawn or a bone to chew, something that will occupy your dog for some time.
  • The more often your dog experiences not receiving anything at the table, the easier it is to divert his attention. 
  • If possible, get your dog to lie somewhere else while eating. It can be a soft rug or a dog bed. You can try blocking it off with a baby gate for a period. 
  • Be careful about how close to the table you give your dog leftovers. She will quickly learn that leftovers are available if you give them in the kitchen or immediately after you get up from the table. 

Enjoy your training!