10 things you didn't expect as a dog mom

Malene Holst Christensen

Malene Holst Christensen

10 things you didn't expect as a dog mom

Do you remember the first time you stepped into the world as a dog mom?

It was like opening the door to a whole new life, wasn't it? We've put together a list of 10 things that we never thought would become part of our daily routine before we got our furry friend.

Maybe you can see yourself in some of them? Join us on a fun journey through the crazy, unexpected, and heartwarming moments that come with being a dog mom.

1. Become a dog hair expert

Who knew you would start picking colors for furniture and clothes to match the color of your dog's coat?

2. Making dog-friendly vacation plans

My summer vacation this year? One where the dog can come, of course. Preferably somewhere we don't have to drive too far and with dog-friendly activities.

3. Dog talk

Who knew you'd find yourself talking to your dog in a voice that's a cross between a baby and a cartoon character? But hey, it works, right?

4. Letting your dog take over the bed

You swore it would never happen, but here you are lying on the edge of the bed while your dog stretches out like a little emperor in the middle of the bed.

5. Taking your dog's Instagram more seriously than your own

Who cares how many likes your own picture gets when your dog has an Instagram account that's about to outshine an influencer? #DogMomLife

6. Celebrating your dog's birthday

You didn't expect your dog's birthday to be a special family occasion.
Suddenly, it's a tradition with cake, champagne, and lots of canine-sized presents.

7. Canceling dinner plans when they're dog-free

Because you'd rather spend an evening cuddling with your four-legged friend.

8. Discovering that you often spend more money on your dog than on yourself,

e.g. dog massages, physiotherapy and behavior therapy (fill in the rest yourself...)

9. Putting your dog's name on gift tags and greeting cards

because the dog is part of the family.

10. Finding old treat crumbs and poop bags in all your jacket pockets at work

(unless you have a DogCoach jacket or sweater with a removable treat pocket that solves this problem)...