DogCoach Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in DogCoach and welcome in the ambassador Team.

We are excited to start our collaboration. Please find all details regarding our coorperation below.

What can you expect as a DogCoach ambassador?

  • To be included in the DogCoach Family and getting to know other dogfluencers that are passionated about DogCoach, being an influencer and dogs in general. 
  • To be a part of the DogCoach community with acces to the ambassador FB-group and online and meet-ups during the year
  • Free DogCoach product (chosen in collaboration with the DC team)
  • DC Ambassadors outside of EU only have to cover shipping cost
  • DC Ambassadors have 30% off store wide if they wish to purchase further products besides the products offered through the program.
  • A standard ambassador contract with a 3-month trial periode
  • A chance to be featured on DogCoach Instagram profile and adds on social media.

What do we expect from you as a DogCoach ambassador? 

  • A passion for DogCoach and dogs in general
  • Creative content and posts/ stories about our actual items (in English or German) 
  • A minimum of 3 photos in good quality. No longer than a month after receiving the products. It's your choice if you wish to deliver all in one or if you wish to spread your work over 2 months from the products arrive.
    Please find a wishlist for creatives here:
  • Video content: Reel or TikTok. Prefered in 2 formats 9:16 AND 1:1
  • A minimum of 1 IG post (co-branded) within a mont after receiving the products (we can discus the timing before)
  • 1-2 stories during this periode on your profile - and hopefully more;) 
  • An active Instagram account
  • A wish to be part of the DC family vibe and have interest in taking active part in our adventure  

Please upload all your content in this Google Drive folder

(Uploading/sending any material, videos or photos permits DogCoach with the rights for usage of material as part of external communication and/or marketing purposes). 

    DogCoach social media wish list 

    • Lifestyle photos where you show the product being used in action. (It can for example be an image sequence of 3-5 images, where the product's features are shown as lifestyle images (i.e. where the product is in use when the image is taken)
    • Photos and videos with both you and the dog in the same frame (as much as possible)
    • Keep as much focus as possible on the dogs. You could show parts of the products, but it works very well if the dog is the main figure. It works well on photos to engage with the dog(s) and not always look right into the camera.
    • DogCoach likes happy faces and dogs! We wish for you to have fun during photoshoots, and it should also always be fun for your dog(s) – that' s the most important.
    • We are a super personal brand – so please send us a little info to the insta text about your dog and your adventures to share with the photos.
    • Reels and videos work amazing for us (Short and funny videos below 30 seconds and in highspeed works great)
    • We love you to endorse the products on the webshop and on Trustpilot as well. It means a great deal for our sales and scores
    • Please upload all creatives in this ambassador folder no later than 2 months after receiving the product. Link to the folder: 
    • Please try to make content the format 9:16 and or 1:1
    • Please try to make content in English or German

      Recommended image style

      Recommended video style (click to watch)

      Free products and personal 30% discountcode 

      This agreement starts and is ongoing from the day you reply and accept the terms. Afterwards you will receive your personal 30% discountcode. 

      We hope that you are just as excited as we are, in the new DogCoach Affiliate brand program, please contact us directly if you have any further questions. 

      Please find more information in this welcome letter

      Lot's of pawgreetings 
      Linn & Tine