10 tips for moving with your dog

Linn Cecilia Svensson

Linn Radsted

10 tips for moving with your dog

Moving into a new house is on the top five list of the most stressful things in life - and this is true not only for you, but also for your four-legged best friend. But how can you make a move as dog-friendly as possible?

DogCoach has gathered some good advice for you:

  1. Avoid having your dog around on the day of the move. Get someone to take care of your dog in the days leading up to and afterward until things have calmed down some. 
  2. Make sure to have your dog’s bed or blanket out so that she has a place that smells familiar and is safe from the start.
  3. Take a good long walk before coming to the new home to make sure your dog is tired and well stimulated before being introduced to a new home.
  4. A good idea might be to leave your dog on a leash for the first few times in your new garden. Have her explore and discover in peace but under supervision. This way you also discover possible challenges such as neighboring dogs, children, passers-by etc., and from the beginning can teach her that she does not have to bark in the garden if she feels unsafe.
  5. If you can, consider taking a few days off with your dog in the new home, so he can get used to it a bit before being alone when you go back to work.
  6. Home-alone training is important, even if your dog has not have problems previously. Your dog needs to feel comfortable in the new surroundings, so try leaving home for shorter intervals at a time to get him used to being comfortable alone before you go to work.
  7. You may want to have a good and calm “dog buddy” over for the first few days, so the dog can have someone to share all the new things with.
  8. Take extra care that your dog does not run away if he is loose - some dogs will try finding their old home and can get lost on the road.
  9. Remember to make new dog tags with your new address
  10. Dogs are creatures of habit, so get some good, familiar routines quickly established in the new place.

Have a good move!