10 photo tips for your dog glamour shots

Linn Radsted

10 photo tips for your dog glamour shots

 You probably know all about chasing Fido around the garden to get a great picture of your four-footed buddy, and then ending up with a ton of basically useless photos.

But how do you get professional-quality dog pictures?

DogCoach has collected 10 photo tips from photographer Linn Radsted of Fotoglimt.dk

  • Choose a neutral and uniform background - strong colors, a messy or an ugly backdrop can be disturbing and can destroy even the best compositions.
  • Have the sun in your back - and be mindful of the shadows.
  • Make sure you have a helper - to make noises or motions to get your dog's attention - when you are ready.
  • Get down on your dog’s level - so you need to get down on all fours or squat to get the right perspective in the picture.
  • Be patient - the best pictures often happen when the dog has become accustomed to the camera and understands what is going on.
  • Think about light and colors. If you have a light dog, you may not want to use a white wall as a background and vice versa.
  • Take shots from many different angles - close up, portrait and full figure. Movement is always more tricky, but that's often where the fun pictures lie - if your camera allows you to set a short exposure time, it is easier.
  • Remove dirt spots, smudges and debris around eyes and mouth before you start.
  • Make sure there's time for some fun and play - but if your dog gets too tired, it can be difficult to capture an attentive and playful expression.
  • Set the focus on your dog's eyes unless you are into more creative forms of photography. If your dog has a long snout, you may want to adjust the depth slightly if you want both eyes and snout to be in focus.

Remember: practice makes perfect - both for you and your dog!