Presenting: DogCoach affiliate program 

In the following months we are launching our new affiliate program, that would help us create wider awareness about DogCoach, and give you as ambassador, the opportunity to earn commission from the sales you help us create. 

As an affiliate partner you will receive free products and get to earn 10% in commission on the brand awareness and sale you help us create. 
The commission is converted into giftcard to DogCoach.  

You can always track your sales and commissions in our affiliate program. When registered, you get your own personal affiliate link or a coupon code, that gives you a unique opportunity to offer your followers an extra discount on DogCoach products from time to time (We set up the campaign codes after agreement)

What can you expect as a DogCoach affiliate partner?

  • To be included in the DogCoach Family and getting to know other dogfluencers that are passionated about DogCoach, being an influencer and dogs in general. 
  • To be a part of the DogCoach community with acces to the ambassador FB-group and online and offline meet-ups during the year
  • The opportunity to earn 10% commission per sale you help generate through your affiliate code or link. The commission will be paid out in giftcards for DC products every 3rd months. 
  • Free DogCoach product (chosen in collaboration with the DC team)
  • Ambassadors outside of EU only have to cover shipping cost
  • Ambassadors have 30% off store wide if they wish to purchase further products besides the products offered through the program.
  • A standard ambassador contract with a 3-month trial periode
  • A chance to be featured on DogCoach Instagram profile and adds on social media.

What do we expect from you as an affiliate partner? 

  • That you are really passionate about DogCoach and our products
  • Creative content and posts/ stories about our actual items (in English or German)
  • That you do not use your link in any other way, than on your own platforms and network (do not use the link in groups, chats, adverts etc.)  
  • To receive a minimum of 1-3 photos, reels or videos in good quality in a monthly frequency a month after receiving the products. It's your choice if you wish to deliver  all in one or if you wish to spread your work over 2 months from the products arrive. 
  • A minimum of 1 post and 1 story during this periode on your profile - and hopefully more;) 
    Please upload your content in this folder:
  • That you have an active Instagram account
  • That you have an PayPal account (as the commission is setup for PayPal)
  • That you wish to be part of the DC family vibe and have interest in taking active part in our adventure  

How to register for our affiliate program

For registering our new affiliate program, simply fill out the form: .

After registering you will receive a promo-code so you can order 1 free product from our web shop as a start.

In the meantime, you are mostly welcome to promote the DC items you already have fx products from last year. 

What’s next

When your registration is fulfilled and we have accepted it, you are all set to go!
On your account you can follow every sale and payments.

When customers make an order through your link, you will automatically get 10% in commission of the total order when the order is fulfilled (please note that the commission is based on the netto price without VAT and shipping.)

The commission is visible as soon as the payment is completed, and the order is shipped, meaning that pre-orders will not be visible before the products are shipped to the customers.

This program is set-up for – that is our international webshop.
The commission is sales based, so any refunds will be deducted before the payment is made to you.

Offer your followers a special discount

It’s possible to create a special campaign from time to time, giving your followers 10% in 2-3 days. You will of course still earn your 10% commission for the sales.

The customer does not have to use your link, when using the coupon code. The code is just to be used at checkout on our international web shop ( Since the code is personal and registered at your account, it will automatically assign you the commission.  

This coupon code is to be created by us, you will find it right below your personal link. (see below)

As soon as you see your coupon code in your affiliate account, you can begin to promote it on your social medias. A promo-code will normally be most effective if it has a short CTA time (meaning that its’ only working for 2-3 days).

To make the distinction between your personal link and coupon code all clear 

  • Both will provide you with 10% in commission of a sale.
  • The link will not give the customer 10% of their purchase
  • The coupon code will give the customer a 10% discount on their purchase

When will you receive your commission?

All commissions will be transferred on a 3rd months basis with payouts  on giftscards every February, May, September and December.  
Any refunds will be deducted before the commission is paid. 

We hope that you are just as excited as we are, in the new DogCoach Affiliate brand program, please contact us directly if you have any further questions. 

Lot's of pawgreetings 
Linn & Katrine